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I was born in 1960, I got a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics in 1988 and have since then been working in all stages of software development from specification and design to implementation, most of the time as a consultant. I have been working with desktop applications, real time systems, medical devices, event driven simulation and web delvelopment. I work at Hotswap in Stockholm (Sundbyberg) as a consultant.

As it feels like I spend most of my spare time taking my three kids to different sports activities of which there are about ten to twelve a week it may seem odd that I'm doing software development in my spare time when I do it every day at work. But I don't do it really that much; the Mobi program didn't take more than two to three hours a day for two summer holidays to complete and the Pango game not much more than 200 hours altogether done over slightly less than a year (including learning to develop for the Android system) and it is a joy doing software development when you, for once, are allowed to do everything in a software project the way it should be done. I sometimes play a game of chess and a couple of times a year I compete in the very odd sport of solving Rubik's cube blindfolded as fast as possible.