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The Othello program was written over thirty years ago as a small hobby project. It has been rewritten a number of times in different languages and with different graphical user interface toolkits as I have used it as an exercise project when learning those new things. The current version is written in Java and uses the Swing GUI toolkit. The non GUI parts were written when the first version of Java had just been released so even this version is starting to get quite old. There is also a version for handheld devices (mobile phones with J2ME support). You can use it for free and study the complete source code if you are interested in that. You can find it and read more about it here.


This will only be of interest to people who play chess and want to play with other people over the Internet. There are several sites on the Internet that let you connect to a server and play games with other chess players and thousands of chess players do this regularly. For doing this you need to have a client program that you usually download and run on your computer (for some servers there are clients that you can run directly in your web browser if you like). For the Free Internet Chess Server and the Internet Chess Club I belive my client program Mobi was the first one that ever existed for mobile phones. It has been tested on a number different phones and is available for free download. For modern smartphones there are now clients that make use of touch screens in a better way and if you have such a phone you should look for these instead but for those who still use ordinary phones Mobi could be of interest. You can read more about Mobi and how to get it here.


Pango is a game for the Android operating system which is deployed in millions of smartphones. It works on any phone or tablet running Android 1.6 or later and it completely free to download and use. The idea is losely based on an arcade game from the early eighties which I myself very much enjoyed playing back then. You can install it from Android Market.

Can you learn to solve Rubik's Cube Blindfolded?

Did you even know that this was possible? Solving Rubik's cube blindfolded as fast as possible is actually a sport. In cube competitions organized by the World Cube Association there is a large number of events to compete in which involves a number of different puzzles of which the ordinary 3x3x3 is only one. In four of the events you solve cubes by first memorizing them and then putting on a blindfold and solving them. The four events are: solving the 3x3x3 cube, solving the 4x4x4 cube, solving the 5x5x5 cube and solving as many 3x3x3 cubes as possible in a maximum of one hour (the maximum time depends on how many you chose to solve). There are plenty of sites where you can read about the sport on the Internet and a number of sites with tutorials on how to solve Rubik's cube blindfolded but on this site I present some ideas of how to begin learning it by starting with solving the 2x2x2 cube blindfolded. Read more here.

Finding your way to sports facilities in the Stockholm area

Having childer who engage in a lot of sports activities means that you frequently have to take them to places you have never been to before. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out exactly where to go as you get no exact address and even when you do and find the right place it is not always easy to find the right entrance when you for instance are looking for a gymnasiun in a school building. I have started to build a database over sports facilities in the Stockholm area which contains exact GPS coordinates to entrances as well as parking lots. GPS coordinates are of course helpful if you own a GPS navigator, but even if you don't you can use them to find exact locations in maps or aerial photographies that you can find on the Internet. You can go to the database and read more about it here (this part of the site is in Swedish).

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